Aloha Broadband VS.
Satellite, 4G and DSL


Aloha Broadband is not satellite broadband. Our service does not come from outer
space. We use the latest in Fixed Terrestrial Wireless radio systems, which are ground
based. Data packets travel very short distances compared to satellite broadband systems. With a satellite system, the packets have to travel 22,223 miles from end user to satellite, back to earth to the Internet backbone and then all the way back, for a total of around 100,000 miles. Even at the speed of light, the round trip takes over 500 ms – half a second. This latency makes satellite unsuitable for videoconferencing, telecommuting, VOIP and gaming. The systems we use typically have latency of 5 to 25 ms to get to Internet backbone, comparable to modern fiber, cable and DSL.

4G Mobile:

Aloha Broadband owns all their towers and does not lease space to or from other companies. Therefore, we control how many connections are on each tower. Mobile networks can get over-loaded very easily. We also control the quality of signals that are connecting to our tower because our system is based on fixed antennas with great reception. This is critical since it only takes one or two bad signals to slow down an entire tower. Our service is more consistent and has no usage caps. We also have lower latency then the average 4G system.


A DSL connection comes over your phone line. This can be a very fast connection, if you live within a mile of a DSL switch. If you are further out, your signal will start to degrade and your speeds will be compromised. Our signals can go up to 15 miles without degradation using the latest antenna technology. Our system is also capable of higher speeds then DSL. While DSL is cheaper, just remember that it is subsidized by our tax dollars. Look at your phone bill for all the added fees. And unlike DSL, we have rapid deployment capabilities, to deliver the bandwidth you need quickly.

Bandwidth Usage Caps:

Our average customer uses over 30 GB a month. That would cost over $100 with a Usage Based service and could cost up to $300 depending on your plan. But even if you only use 5 GB a month, do you really want to worry about it? What if your friend sends you an extra Youtube video or iTunes comes out with an extra update this month. With ABB, you don’t have to think about it. All of our plans include Unlimited data usage. Go ahead and watch that next episode!

So Check out our latest plans and find the one that fits you.

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