Our Support

1. We will provide the absolute fastest Internet connection we can, given the terrain, trees and other obstructions which may be present in your area.

2. We cannot help you with your Router, Netflix, Xbox, Vonage or any other third-party services. You will need to contact those services directly for support with their systems. We just cannot be familiar with every device, service, system and functionality.

3. We hand off a single Cat5 Ethernet connection. We do not provide tech support for routers or other devices, unless you are on a managed router plan. If you have a router and have problems, please contact the tech support for the router manufacturer.

4. We always respond to your support requests as soon as possible. Sometimes it may take time to confirm the service call. Please be patient with us.

5. We cannot provide services such as anti-virus removal, spyware removal, PC tune-up or other related services. We recommend contacting a local computer repair shop.

We have 24/7 Live Phone support.
Just Call: (808) 929-7668 option “0?

Frequently Asked Questions

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