Our Customer Says:

“I have used several other services over the years and experienced problems with down time, speed and unresponsive customer service. Being off the grid, I thought I was stuck. I am thrilled that Aloha Broadband is now in Hakalau! I am getting twice the speed for half the price of my previous service plus friendly, responsive and knowledgable customer service! Aloha Broadband is the BEST Internet service on Hawaii Island!” Shari Tresky, Hakalau

“I have had Aloha Broadband internet service now for over a year and all I have to say is that it is excellent! The download speed is in broadband cable territory without the cable problems and slow service from the cable internet provider in my area. I started with dial up, moved to satellite internet, tried another local fixed wireless ISP when finally, and belatedly, I switched to Aloha Broadband. Since switching, downtime has been minimal and advance notification is always timely whenever maintenance or repair work needs to be scheduled on the system. I highly recommend Aloha Broadband to anyone in Ka’u looking for fast, reliable and reasonably priced internet access.” /S/ Rollie, Discovery Harbour”

…just want to let you know….I totally AMAZED at the SPEED of my Broadband Connection -( & here I sat for 5 yrs. on dial-up ). Thanks for providing such a “valuable” service to our community!! – Sebastian

Thanks for the great service of Aloha Broadband! We’ve had both laptops online and the response time is excellent! It seems even faster than any cable or DSL that I’ve used. Really appreciate you taking the time to design the best way to install here at the house. Jim – www.allaroundaccess.com

I just wanted to thank you so much for your help setting up my WIFi card and resetting my broadband link. We really appreciate your speedy response and accommodating our schedule. Thanks again for your great support! – Donna

..definitely going to miss your service, I am sure I will not be able to find something as comparable in kona. Your service level and response is fabulous – Julie

I’m finally instantly in touch with the rest of the entire world Worry free. Also want to thank Aloha Broadband for showing me how to protect my computer and make it work more effectively.
– Broaddus

I love these guys, they’re incredibly helpful and thoughtful. Their broadband service is fast, reliable and easy to use. They’ve been a blessing for Ocean View
– Robin Haase, Ace Hardware

I needed a fast and reliable connection to run my business, AlohaBroadband provided that for me and I am very grateful.
– Farsheed Shraddesh, Manuka Farms

I though I’d drop you a line to say how pleased I am to have switched over from my modem to your broadband service. I’m delighted with the ease of connecting and the incredible speed in downloading. Thanks for bringing Kau into the 21st Century. “I love my server”, and I’m thinking of t-shirts and Bumper Stickers with that logo, good idea huh?
Your favorite Discovery Harbour customer, – Don Holloway

We are very happy with our Aloha Broadband service. Internet work goes much faster and we can be on the phone or receive calls while on the Internet. All of our questions have been answered quickly by Adam or Bob and our needs for help have been very few. A great service.
– Loren and Diane Heck

Because I had chosen to live off the power grid, I had accepted the reality of never connecting to the internet. Then I discovered ALOHABROADBAND. Bob and Adam came to my house and tested my location for signal strength free of charge! Then for a reasonable charge, installed a complete system for connecting to the internet. Now I can access the net with lightning speed. These guys are providing a fantastic service for the community, with great rates and service I would highly recommend ALOHABROADBAND to anyone who needs internet service on or off the power grid.

Moving here recently from Oahu, I was concerned about the type of internet access that would be available in Naalehu. I was surprised and pleased when Aloha Broadband established itself as the broadband internet access for Naalehu. I am presently a satisfied customer of Aloha Broadband.
– Carol

You guys are great. Service here in Ocean View has been wonderful. I work for major areospace firm in Washington and work part of the year from Hawaii. The Aloha Broadband service is quick and the service you have provided has been outstanding. This service allows me to telecomute to work, while staying in my home in Hawaii.
Thank you very much.
– Pat Willis