Fixed Wireless Internet Connection

Aloha Broadband connects you to the internet 100s of times faster than dialup. No phone line or cellular phone is required. Your connection is always on so you can enjoy instant high speed internet access anytime.

How It Works

Our wireless internet is a point to point link to your house or business. It is similiar to how a radio station works. We broadcast our High Speed Internet signal from one of our many towers located around the Big Island. The Antenna on your house is pointed directly at this tower and receives the signal via Radio Waves. These are special antenna’s designed to transmit and receive High Speed Data, yet use lower power then your cell phone.


Is it Secure?

We use the latest Wireless Encryption methods to ensure that all your data is secure on our network. Only antennas we configure are able to see our wireless signal. Our system is also locked down so that only those we allow on our network can access the internet.



Setup and Installation: $200 due at time of installation.
Monthly Residential Service: $50.00